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On May 13th, the Lakeland Police Department began investigating a series of retail thefts from Macy’s Dept Store, 3800 N. Road 98. Between May 13th and June 10th, a subject was observed shoplifting on seven different occasions and each time he was able to elude apprehension.  Designer purses and clothing had been stolen which totaled approximately $10,000.00.  

On June 10th, Lakeland Police Detectives Mike Lewis and Det. Nicholas Pollice assisted Macy’s Loss Prevention by conducting a stakeout of the department store. At around 6:45pm, two suspects were observed entering the store and stacking up 26 pair of men’s shorts valued at $589.74. Both suspects worked together during the theft and exited the store without paying for the merchandise. To their surprise, they were greeted by the two detectives and taken into custody without incident.

Timothy J. Gillins, 39 yrs of age, was arrested and charged with Grand Theft. Gillins did not have any money on him but he did have an empty Macy’s bag concealed on his person.

Timethy Harmon, 25 yrs old, was arrested for Grand Theft, Possession of Cocaine and Possession of drug paraphernalia. Harmon did not have any money on him but he did have a crack cocaine pipe in his pocket at the time of his arrest.

This wasn’t Gillin’s first time in getting caught in the act by detectives. On January 29th, 2015, the Lakeland Police Department arrested Gillins for Grand Theft after a series off thefts from Dillard’s Department Store, 3800 N. Road 98. Detectives had once again conducted surveillance outside of Dillard’s and were able to apprehend Gillins for a theft in progress. He was charged with 3cts of Grand Theft in reference to the Dillard’s cases.

Both subjects are currently in the Polk County Jail. There is no video available of the theft. 

On Thursday, January 29, 2015, the Lakeland Police Department arrested three individuals in the theft of $3,066.00 worth of Michael Kors purses and jewelry from Dillard’s, 3800 Highway 98N.

Detectives were conducting surveillance based on their investigation of ongoing thefts of Michael Kors purses and jewelry from the Dillard’s store when the three defendants walked into the store. The defendants walked directly to the Michael Kors purses and all three took a total of 17 purses valued at $3,066.00 and left the store without paying for them. The defendants were apprehended by detectives waiting outside the east entrance/exit to the store.


Timothy James Gillins (B/M)
174 SE Sharon Lane
Lake City, FL
DOB 6/27/75

Takerra Joanae Wright (B/F)
1134 Gilmore Avenue
Lakeland, FL
DOB 4/18/94

Marquise Denard Allen (B/M)
220 Carolyn Drive
Lakeland, FL
DOB 4/22/97

All three were charged with Grand Theft (F3) and Marquise Allen was also charged with Violation of Probation (M1).


Lakeland Police are attempting to identify an unknown black male who is a suspect in a theft from Dillard’s, 3800 Highway 98N. The subject frequents the Lakeland Square Mall two-five times per week for two-seven hours at a time throughout various stores.

If you can identify this person, please contact the Lakeland Police Department at 863-834-6900, or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-226-8477. To remain anonymous and be eligible for a cash reward, you must contact Crime Stoppers.

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