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Online Crime Mapping

The Lakeland Police Department and Bair Analytics Inc. have partnered to provide the RAIDS Online Crime Mapping system to our community. This new crime mapping tool is a way for the public to stay informed about crime in Lakeland.

What is RAIDS Online?

RAIDS Online is a crime mapping system that will allow the community to find types of crime, date/time and location where they are occurring. It is a tool that the Lakeland Police Department is now using to further communication with our community. RAIDS Online works with our RMS system to extract crime data and provide it in a format that is easy to search for information.

How will this help our community?

It will give users the opportunity to see where crime is occurring. It empowers residents and community members as they will better understand crime activity in their neighborhoods. There is also a forum for submitting anonymous tips on crimes by clicking the “Submit a tip” tool. RAIDS Online is one more way the Lakeland Police Department can provide information to our community and continue building a cooperative working relationship.

The information provided will help neighborhoods identify the type of crimes happening in their area and with this recognition; they can then work with the police department in combating crime.

What does RAIDS Online offer?

•  Search filters; you can search for specific crimes, timeframes and/or location
•  View details about crimes; location, date, time, address, etc.
•  View hot spot maps
•  Analytical Dashboard
•  Subscribe to crime alerts
•  Download mobile app for iPhone or Android

To take the Tutorial, click on the below link: