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Crime Prevention Practitioner Angie Ellis

Angie was born and raised in New York City, N.Y. When she graduated from high school, she relocated with her parents to Miami, Florida.  She attended the Florida Highway Patrol Academy in 1997 where she graduated and became a Florida State Trooper.  In 1999, she married and left her career in law enforcement to help her husband with his family furniture business in Sebring, Florida.  Her husband sold the family business in 2007 when they decided to move to Lakeland, Florida.  She became a stay at home mother for several years and then decided to pursue a career with TSA/Department of Homeland Security as a Transportation Security Officer. Angie began her career with LPD in April 2014 as a Public Safety Aide and will now serve the department as a Crime Prevention Practitioner.

Contact Information: 863-834-6960
E-mail address: