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CopDots Program



CopDots is “DNA” for your property. CopDots are tiny discs about the size of a grain of sand that contain a unique personal identification number (a "PIN."). The home or business owner applies CopDots with a small applicator which glues the CopDots to the item being marked. The user then creates an account at and registers as the owner of items with the PIN.


Officers will be able to read the CopDots PIN with an ultraviolet light reader provided to the department by the CopDots company. This will allow identification of someone's stolen property.


Lakeland Police are excited about the launch of this program, we believe this will be a deterrent to people who want to break into your home or cars to steal your property. The CopDots pens are available at Lowe’s Home Improvement stores.


To learn more about CopDots, go to:


If you have questions about the program, contact our Community Services Unit at 863-834-2973 or 863-834-8984.