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Report A Crime

The Lakeland Police Department has a tips hotline that is available for our community members to report crime information/criminal activity 24-hours a day/365 days per year. To access the hotline you can contact 863-834-2549, or e-mail us at In addition, residents can also contact Heartland Crime Stoppers to report tips on crimes; 1-800-226-8477.

Information is accepted anonymously, or the caller may leave information to be contacted by an investigator. All information regarding reporting persons is held in strict confidence, and shall not be divulged to any party.

Personal Safety

Don't Become A Victim

  • Be Aware of Your Surroundings
  • Trust Your Instincts! If Something Doesn’t Seem Right, It Probably Isn’t.
  • Travel In Well Lit, Busy Areas.
  • Carry Only the Cash and Credit Cards You Need.
  • Beware of Panhandlers and People Asking for Directions. Keep Your Distance, at Least 6 feet.
  • If you Think Your Being Followed, Cross the Street and Walk In the Opposite Direction.
  • Keep Your Home and Car Locked At All Times, Even When You Are Inside.
  • If You Are Being Robbed, Give the Robber What They Want.  DON’T RESIST.
  • Avoid Traveling or Walking Alone. Use the Buddy System.
  • Never Go Anywhere With an Attacker. FIGHT IF YOU HAVE TO.