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Meet the Officers

Officer Walter Dennis

Officer Dennis has been with Lakeland Police Department for 22 years and is currently assigned to Lawton Chiles. During his years of service with LPD, he has taught D.A.R.E. and G.R.E.A.T. and worked with students at Lakeland Highlands Middle School, Lincoln Avenue Academy and Rochelle School of the Arts. Prior to his position as a School Resource Officer, he has served as an Accident Investigator, a Motorcycle Officer and in the Patrol Division.


 Officer Doris Diaz

Officer Diaz has been with the Lakeland Police Department for 12 years. Prior to coming to LPD, she worked for the Polk County Sheriff’s Office and was in the US Marine Corp. Officer Diaz is bilingual (Spanish/English), has been a School Resource Officer for 6 years, and has taken Crisis Intervention Training (CIT), served as part of the Hostage Negotiation Team, was a Neighborhood Liaison Officer (NLO) and served as a Field Training Officer (FTO).

Officer Diaz is currently assigned to Sleepy Hill Middle School and assists with the Truancy Interdiction Program, the “Do the Right Thing” program and works with the Community Services Unit assisting with the Cops for Kids Christmas Program. Officer Diaz says “My parents, along with serving in the USMC have instilled a great sense of integrity and ethics in everything I do.” She loves working patrol, but really loves working with the children and their parents. She wants to be a positive law enforcement influence on at least one child and their parents! She says “I love reaching out into the community, not only as a police officer, but as a point of contact for any type of assistance our students or their families may be in need of.”

Officer Lori Edwards

Officer Edwards has been with the Lakeland Police Department for 25 years and is currently assigned to Rochelle School of the Arts and Lincoln Academy. Officer Edwards offices out of Phillip O’Brien Elementary, but assists the staff at the elementary schools in the City of Lakeland. In addition, she is the Program Director for the “Do the Right Thing” program.

During her tenure with the department, Officer Edwards has served as a Patrol Officer, Gang Liaison Officer, DART member, DART team leader, Field Training Officer (FTO), mentor and counselor at COPS Camp. She served as the School Resource Officer (SRO) at Southwest Middle School, is currently the Regional Director for the Florida Association of School Resource Officers (FASRO) and is a member of the Regional Domestic Security Task Force (Education Division).

Officer Katina Lewis

Officer Katina Lewis has been with the Lakeland Police Department for 10 years and has recently taken the position as a School Resource Officer and is currently assigned as the Elementary liaison.  Officer Lewis has served as a patrol officer, along with the duties as a Field Training Officer in the patrol function.   During her years of service she has been assigned to the Criminal Investigation Division, investigating crimes against children and violent crimes.  In addition, she has worked as a traffic homicide investigator, is trained in Crisis Intervention (C.I.T.) and serves as a hostage negotiator for the department. 

Along with her work at the department dealing with children, Officer Lewis has dedicated her time as a volunteer Guardian Ad Litem.  Officer Lewis has a great passion working with children and the youth of our city.  She has great expectations for herself to make a great, positive impact on the young generation.


Officer Orlando Pacheco

Officer Pacheco is the newest member of the Lakeland Police Department’s School Resource Officer Team. He has been with the Lakeland Police Department for two and one half years and is currently assigned as the Truancy Officer. During his tenure with the department he has served with the patrol unit and recently qualified as a Field Training Officer. Officer Pacheco, who was born in Cuba and raised in Miami, is fluent in Spanish and currently serves as a gang liaison officer. 

Officer Pacheco enjoys serving the Lakeland community and looks forward to guiding local youth toward a positive and bright future.

Officer Dave Torres

Officer Torres has been with the Lakeland Police Department for 18 years and is currently assigned to Southwest Middle School. Officer Torres began his law enforcement career with The Metro Dade Police Department as a Public Service Aide in 1987. In 1988, he was hired as a police officer with The City of Miami Beach Police Department. In 1995, he applied and was accepted as a police officer for The City of Lakeland Police Department.

Throughout his law enforcement career, Officer Torres has worked in a variety of units; he has been an undercover Narcotics Investigator, plainclothes violent felony enforcement officer, bicycle patrol officer, plainclothes career criminal investigator, Truancy Officer, Domestic Abuse Response Team member, Crisis Intervention officer, Field Training Officer, an advisor for The Lakeland Police Department Explorer program, a patrol officer, and School Resource Officer.

Officer Torres is excited about making a positive impact upon children in the middle school years. He believes in teaching kids about the positive impact of making good choices by combining mentorship along with a general awareness of the criminal justice system. Officer Torres also developed a summer program incorporating all of the police department’s divisions into The City of Lakeland Parks and Recreation Department’s summer camps. His goal is to have children between the ages of 6 to 13 understand the various roles the police department has within our city. He hopes to make mentors out of those kids so they can pass it forward to others.

Officer Oscar Wesley

Officer Wesley has been with the Lakeland Police Department for 17 years and is currently assigned to Lakeland High School and Harrison School for the Arts. During his tenure with the department he has served as a Neighborhood Liaison Officer (NLO), in the Special Investigations Section, as a PAL Coordinator, a Field Training Officer (FTO), in Patrol and the COPS program. He is also certified in Crisis Intervention (CIT). Officer Wesley holds an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice from St. Leo University and currently teaches an Intro to Law class at Lakeland Highlands Middle School (Palms Academy). He has also been selected as Detective of the Year during his years with LPD.


Officer Adam Williams

Officer Williams has been with the Lakeland Police Department for 13 years and currently assigned to Lakeland High School and Harrison School of the Arts. He is a Lakeland native and graduate of Lake Gibson High School. Officer Williams has worked in Juvenile Detention and served as an Active Reservist in the US Coast Guard. He completed the Police Academy at Polk State College in 1999, after which he was hired by LPD in 2000. Officer Williams then returned to Polk State College where he completed his Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice in 2007.

During his tenure with the department, he has worked as a Neighborhood Liaison Officer (NLO), a Street Crimes officer in the Special Investigations Section and on the Neighborhood Enforcement Team (NET). He has been in the School Resource Unit since 2011. Officer Williams also works with school sports and participates in an at risk student mentoring program. He coaches the Sleepy Hill Middle School wrestling team and has been running a USA Wrestling Club at the school for the past 2 years. Officer Williams was also instrumental in developing the first PAL (Police Athletic League) Wrestling Program in Polk County and serves as the Coach and Administrator.

Sergeant Sean Finney