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Contact Information

For General Information or to request a hearing contact

Code Enforcement - 863-834-6251
Monday - Friday
8:00a.m.-5:00 p.m.

For violation questions contact
Officer Scott Wisneski


Need An Extension?

You may request a one-time 60 day extension of time to pay the fine assessed for your red light camera violation.  To do so, please complete and sign the REQUEST FOR EXTENSION OF PAYMENT DEADLINE form then follow the instructions on the form to return it to the City’s Red Light Camera Office.  

Please note
 that the fully completed and signed form MUST be received by the due date listed on your Notice of Violation.  Upon receipt, your request for extension of the payment deadline will be scheduled for a hearing.  While you may attend the hearing, you are not required to be present for a payment extension request.  Please be advised that each request for extension of a payment deadline will be subject to a $12.50 administrative charge.  The administrative charge will be in addition to your assessed fine of $158.00.  The Hearing Officer will consider your request and, if granted, you will receive a Notice of Hearing Disposition outlining your new payment amount and deadline for payment. 

RLC Hearings

Red Light Camera hearings are aired live as they occur on the second Wednesday of each moth.  To view previous hearings, visit the City of Lakeland's Video on Demand and click on the Red Light Camera Hearings tab.


Red Light Camera Program


Red-light running is a serious intersection safety issue across the nation. The most recent figures show 709 people died and 126,000 were injured in red-light running crashes in the United States in 2014 alone, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.  More than half of those people were innocent pedestrians, bicyclists and occupants in other cars. The purpose of this program is to increase overall traffic safety in the City of Lakeland by reducing red-light running violations, crashes, and injuries without impacting city funds.

Red Light Camera Intersections

  • NB N Florida Ave @ Memorial Blvd
  • NB S Florida Ave @ E Beacon Rd
  • NB Cleveland Heights Blvd @ E Edgewood Dr
  • SB Cleveland Heights Blvd @ E Edgewood Dr
  • NB Socrum Loop Rd @ Old Combee Rd
  • SB Socrum Loop Rd @ Old Combee Rd
  • NB Socrum Loop Rd @ E Daughtery Rd / Walt Loop Rd
  • SB Socrum Loop Rd @ E Daughtery Rd / Walt Loop Rd
  • WB E Daughtery Rd / Walt Loop Rd @ Socrum Loop Rd
  • NB Bartow Rd / US 98 @ N Crystal Lk
  • SB Bartow Rd / US 98 @ N Crystal Lk
  • EB E Memorial Blvd @ N Massachusetts Ave
  • WB E Memorial Blvd @ N Massachusetts Ave
  • NB US 98 @ Griffin Rd
  • SB US 98 @ Griffin Rd
  • SB Harden Blvd @ North Parkway Frontage Rd
  • NB Harden Blvd @ W Beacon Rd
  • WB W Memorial Blvd @ Martin L King Jr Ave / North Dakota Ave

NB - Northbound   SB - Southbound   EB - Eastbound    WB - Westbound