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Lieutenant Eric Harper


Sergeant Bob Bernhardt
Sergeant Chad Mumbauer
Sergeant Tye Thompson


Officer Scott Hutton
Officer Bart Butler
Officer David Waterman

Crash Investigations

Officer Steve Bucklin
Officer Mike Catalano
Officer Tommie Jackson
Officer Will Long
Officer Tyler Anderson
P/T Officer Scott Wisneski-Red Light Camera Monitoring
P/T Officer Gordon Franz - Red Light Camera Monitoring

DUI Enforcement

Officer Carlos Cortez
Officer Michael Kellner

Equipment Operator

Officer David Woolverton 

Traffic Unit

The Lakeland Police Department Traffic Unit consists of the Traffic Enforcement, Traffic Homicide Investigators, DUI Enforcement and Red Light Cameras. These highly trained officers engage in high visibility patrols directed at areas within the City of Lakeland. The officers use traffic surveys and information from community members to identify problematic roadways in the city. This unit is committed to maintaining the safe, efficient flow of traffic. In addition, the officers participate in statewide traffic safety campaigns targeted at keeping the public safe on the roadways.

Traffic Homicide Investigators

The Traffic Homicide Investigators are highly trained specialists who gather information and physical evidence after a major traffic incident. These officers not only conduct the in-depth traffic collision investigation, but they also deal with the injured parties and their families. Sometimes they have the difficult task of relaying the devastating news to family members that their loved one has been fatally injured in a collision. These officers can spend hours at a crash scene collecting evidence, photographing the scene, taking measurements and speaking with witnesses before beginning the in depth review of the evidence and drawing a conclusion. These investigations can take months before it is complete. The officers are available on an on-call basis and respond to scenes of serious collisions.


The highly skilled officers of the Traffic Enforcement Unit who are on motorcycles, operate high performance motorcycles and are dedicated to making the roadways safe for all motorists. The primary goal of the unit is to modify dangerous driving behavior through education and enforcement, as they work to reduce traffic collisions, injuries and fatalities by addressing the factors that cause them. Dangerous behaviors include speeding, drug and alcohol consumption, mobile phone usage, which includes text messaging, and aggressive driving.

All motor officers complete intensive training programs and must demonstrate their riding proficiency regularly.

DUI Enforcement

The DUI Enforcement consists of four highly trained officers in the realm of detection and apprehension of impaired drivers. Since 1998 when the DUI Enforcement Unit was created, LPD has taken a proactive stance on getting impaired drivers off the street. Last year alone, over 17,000 people were killed in the U.S. by alcohol or drug impaired drivers. It is estimated that alcohol and drug related DUI crashes costs citizens over $46 billion a year in everything from lost wages to health care costs. Three of the four DUI Officer are Drug Recognition Experts. This is advanced training that goes into the area of drug impairment and driving. All four DUI Officers are Traffic Homicide Investigators and serve as nighttime Crash Investigators. The DUI Unit is out seven days a week, 365 days a year and is determined to get as many impaired subjects as possible off the road. In Lakeland, if you are caught driving impaired, YOU WILL BE ARRESTED. So remember if you drink and drive, YOU LOSE.

Red Light Cameras

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, nearly 2 million crashes annually occur in intersections. In 2006, red-light running resulted in almost 900 fatalities and 144,000 injuries. Red-light running is a significant problem. It is believed that an automated red-light camera program will reduce the number of red-light collisions and injuries associated with these crashes. The purpose of this program is to increase overall traffic safety in the City of Lakeland. The goal of the program is to reduce red-light running violations, crashes, and injuries without impacting city funds.

Red Light Camera Intersections

  • Memorial Blvd @ MLK Blvd (westbound only)
  • Harden Blvd @ Beacon Rd (northbound only)
  • Massachusetts Ave @ Memorial Blvd (east and west only)
  • Harden Rd @ Polk Parkway (southbound only)
  • US 98 N @ Griffin Road (north and south only)
  • N Crystal Lake @ Bartow Road (north and south Bartow Rd)
  • NB Socrum Loop Road @ E. Daughtery Road/Walt Loop Road
  • WB E. Daughtery Road/Walt Loop Road @ Socrum Loop Road
  • SB Socrum Loop Road @ E. Daughtery Road/Walt Loop Road
  • NB Socrum Loop Road @ Old Combee Road
  • SB Socrum Loop Road @ Old Combee Road
  • NB N. Florida Avenue @ Memorial Blvd.
  • NB S. Florida Avenue @ Beacon Road
  • NB Cleveland Heights Blvd @ E. Edgewood Drive
  • SB Cleveland Heights Blvd @ E. Edgewood Drive