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Zoning is a tool to regulate development and help implement the goals of the Comprehensive Plan.  “Zoning” refers to the division of the city into various zoning districts according to an official Zoning Map.  The rules for each zoning district are outlined in the Land Development Code (the “zoning code”).  Zoning determines such things as the specific land uses that are permitted (residential, office, commercial, industrial etc.), the minimum lot sizes and dimensional standards such as the minimum building setbacks and maximum building heights. The zoning code also includes regulations governing off-street parking, landscaping, signs, fences and accessory structures as well as the creation of subdivisions.

Interactive Zoning Map



  • Accessory Dwelling Unit, Comprehensive Sign Plan, and Special Building Types
    Accessory Dwelling Unit, Comprehensive Sign Plan, Special Building Type    
    Compatibility review for an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Flat Rate $100
    Compatibility review for a Comprehensive Sign Plan (SGN) Flat Rate $100
    Compatibility review for a special Building Type (SBT) Flat Rate $100


  • Alcoholic Beverage Background Check
    Alcoholic Beverage Background Check    
    Within C-6 (Downtown Commercial) Locations or Flat Rate $24
    C-7 (Munn Park Historic) Locations    
  • Annexation & Land Use
    Annexation (ANX)      

    Request to annex a portion of land into the City of Lakeland

    Recording Fees


    Flat Rate

    Flat Rate



    Future Land Use Map Amendment (LUL or LUS)      
    Request to amend the Future Land Use Map Small Scale (LUS) 0-50.0 Acres $1,700
      Large Scale (LUL) 50.1-200.0 Acres $2,900
        200.1+ Acres $5,800


  • Conditional Use
    Conditional Use (CUP)      
    Request to approve a Conditional Use Minor Modification Flat Rate $350
      New Conditional Use or 0-.99 Acre $350
      Major Modification to an 1-9.99 Acres $580
      existing Conditional Use 10-99.99 Acres $860
        100-499.99 Acres $1,200
        500+ Acres $1,700


  • Development Agreement

    Request to enter into Development Agreement

    Flat Rate


  • Development of Regional Impact
    Development of Regional Impact (DRI)    
    Special pass through charges for transportation reviews Flat Rate Varies
    Annual Report filing fee Flat Rate $150
    Notice of Proposed Change (NOPC) Flat Rate $1,200
    Reprocessing of DRI for Substantial Deviation Flat Rate $1.700
    Abandonment/Recission/Essentially Built Out Review Flat Rate $2,900
    Basic filing fee Flat Rate $5,800
  • Planned Unit Development


    Planned Unit Development  (PUD)    
    Request to approve Planned  Minor Modification Flat Rate $580
    Unit Development zoning      
      New PUD or Major Modification 0-.99 Acres $580+$1,200=$1,780
      to an existing PUD 1-9.99 Acres $580+$1,700=$2,280
        10-199.99 Acres $580+$2,900=$3,480
        200+ Acres $580+$5,800=$6,380

    Note: Rates for new PUD zoning or Major Modifications reflect the PUD Flat Rate of $580 combined with the rate for zoning per acre

  • Traffic Study


    Traffic Study (TRF)      
    Request for a Traffic Study Minor Flat Rate $60
      Major Flat Rate $860
  • Variances
    Variance (VAR)    
    Request for variance to Land Development Code Requirements Flat Rate $350


  • Zoning Change
    Zoning (ZON)    
    Request to change zoning 0-.99 Acres $1,200
      1-9.99 Acres $1,700
      10-199.99 Acres $2,900
      200+ Acres $5,800


  • Zoning Verification Request
    Zoning Verification Request (ZOV)      
    Request for letter verifying zoning on property Basic N/A No Charge
      Custom Flat Rate $60