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The City of Lakeland owns and operates Se7en Wetlands, a constructed wetland treatment system, which provides tertiary treatment, or final polishing, for all of the City’s wastewater. Located south of Lakeland, Se7en Wetlands is comprised of over 1,600 acres of marshes, swamps, uplands, and lakes.

Se7en Wetlands water connects to the North Prong of the Alafia River, which flows directly to Tampa Bay. Se7en Wetlands also provides water for Tampa Electric Company's Polk Power Station. 

In addition to the treatment provided, Se7en Wetlands boasts an outstanding and diverse community of plant and animal species. Visit this living, breathing, functioning ecosystem and more learn more about this remarkable place.

tampa bay watershed


Click on the graphic below to see how water moves through Se7en Wetlands. 

water moving through seven wetlands graphic