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Se7en Wetlands is a combination of uplands, marshes, and lakes. Each habitat is unique and supports a wide array of plants and animals. Visit the sections below to learn more about these dynamic habitats. 

Image of aerial view of Seven Wetlands

  • Marsh

    Marshes are areas in Florida where the soil is saturated for most of the year, usually topped with water. Plants, like cattails, root in the soil and emerge out of the water. 

  • Lakes

    Both the shallow and deep water lakes at Se7en Wetlands are home to many fish and bird species. The lake islands, left over from phosphate mining, have been colonized with plants and are used by nesting birds to rear their young. 

  • Uplands

    The upland areas at Se7en Wetlands are filled with pines, oaks, wildflowers and grasses. Here you will find gopher tortoise, butterflies, and chirping birds.