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Se7en Wetlands was once a phosphate mine that began in the 1920s. Part of the site was also used as phosphate clay settling ponds. The mine and all operations closed in 1984 and a few years later, the property was purchased by the City of Lakeland to use as a Constructed Wetland Treatment System. Changes and upgrades to the site included changes to berm elevations and slopes, the installation of water control structures and pipes, and the planting of wetland and upland vegetation. 

Treatment Wetlands

The 'Treatment Wetlands' have been in continuous operation since 1987 and now receive all of the City of Lakeland's treated wastewater, Lakeland Electrics' reuse water, and Polk County's excess reclaimed water. In 2015, Tampa Electric Company built a pump station to beneficially reuse the water at their Polk Power Station. In 2018, Se7en Wetlands was opened to the public and became a new City of Lakeland park. 

1957 wetlands aerial photo

1968 wetlands aerial photo

1971 wetlands aerial photo

1980 wetlands aerial photo