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Adopt A Lake Program

The City of Lakeland, in cooperation with Lakeland Vision, has organized an 
Adopt-A-Lake (AAL) program for lakes within the City. The goal of the program is to include citizens in efforts to conserve and protect our precious natural resources. This is a good opportunity for youth and adults to learn more about our lakes and how to protect our natural environment.

Mark your calender to participate in one or more of our
Annual Events. Our AAL activities include:

Lake Clean-upsLake Clean Up Event
Lake clean-ups are periodically scheduled for specific lakes. However, we can always assist you if you would like to help clean up one of Lakeland's lakes. We provide the equipment (bags, gloves, vests, etc.) while our dedicated volunteers provide the help to remove debris from our lakes. To date the program has removed over twenty two tons of trash and debris from primarily urban lakes in Lakeland!

AAL Plaque InstallationStormwater Plaque Installation
In efforts to promote awareness about stormwater runoff pollution, we have our volunteers install stormwater plaques onto the stormwater curb inlets. The plaques say, "Dump No Waste, Drains to Lake". We mount the plaques onto storm drains to educate the public about not disposing of lawn debris, hazardous chemicals, and non stormwater into the storm drains. We already have several major basins in Lakeland with stormwater plaques mounted on most of the storm drains, to date 2,701 stormwater plaques have been installed....though we have many more left and that is where our AAL volunteers help!

Aquatic Plant ManagementAAL Plant Management
Our volunteers assist in establishing and maintaining aquatic vegetation around their lakes. Often valuable lessons are learned about lake ecology while plantings are installed or invasive plant vegetation removed around our lakes. Tools and plant material will be provided. Plantings range from upland plants to submerged aquatic plants. To date, 1,500 plants have been installed and 90 wetland trees have been planted in our lakes by volunteers. Thank you!

AAL Water Quality MonitoringWater Quality Monitoring
We participate in the volunteer monitoring program administered by the University of Florida's
Lakewatch Program. In this program dedicated AAL volunteers are trained and equipped by the Lakewatch staff to collect monthly water quality samples from lakes. After sampling and collecting data, volunteers bring their samples to the City's Lakes and Stormwater lab. To date volunteers sample on seven (7) lakes. Our volunteers tell us this is a great way to get out onto the lake every month and see all the wildlife!

AAL Program Packet & Application

You will need to read the Adopt-A-Lake (AAL) Program packet and complete the application if your community group decides to adopt one of Lakeland's lakes or to be officially recognized for your contributions to the City of Lakeland's lake management program. Thank you for your interest.