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The City of Lakeland Lakes & Stormwater Division first launched the “DON’T FEED THE ALGAE” community action campaign in March 2009. The campaign focus is to create awareness on the negative effects that improper management of fertilizer, grass clippings, and yard debris have on our lakes and streams.

 The logo character “BAD Al-G” and the slogan “DON’T FEED THE ALGAE” put a face and action to the Bad Al-Gpollution problems we are all responsible to reduce. Fertilizer, grass clippings, and yard debris washed from yards, driveways, parking lots, and streets by rain enter our lakes and streams as polluted runoff. These wasted nutrients result in too much of the wrong kind of algae growth turning the lakes green. The purpose of the campaign is to build awareness that “bad” algae like it when we are not responsible with our landscape efforts. The goal is for everyone to take active steps to reduce fertilizer use and keep grass clippings, and yard debris on the yard or in the trash. Make the choice to control pollution and save our lakes for future generations. “DON’T FEED THE ALGAE”

Volunteer for lake clean-up events and earn a Bad AL-G T-shirt. For more information about the “Don’t Feed the Algae” campaign, contact Cindy Hill, Lakes Program Coordinator, City of Lakeland Lakes & Stormwater Division at (863) 834-8429 or