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Welcome to Solid Waste!

It's not an easy task when you think about it. It takes a lot of hard work, determination, planning and the cooperation of our residents to get the job done.

Lakeland's Solid Waste Management Division employs 65 people. Providing solid waste services to over 42,000 households in the City, once a week. Not to mention yard trash collection, curbside recycling collection or special bulk pickup for yard trash, junk and appliances.

Running 41 trucks a day, five days a week, the Solid Waste Management Division collects over 100,000 tons of solid waste each year.

Your account is automatically opened when your electric and/or water service is activated. Collection charges appear on your monthly utility bill. Your collection fee is not a tax, it is a monthly service charge for the collection and disposal services provided to you by the City of Lakeland. To receive solid waste service, you must have electric and/or water service activated at your home or business.

Regular household solid waste collection is provided once per week except on certain holidays, depending on your neighborhood collection schedule.  If you have questions regarding your schedule, call 863-834-8773.

Solid Waste collection for commercial customers is available. The City provides 1 through 8 cubic yard containers for the disposal of solid waste. Collection days are from 1 to 6 times per week.

Please Note: The Solid Waste Management Division does not pickup construction and demolition debris.

Did you know? Our division provides over 6 million services annually to City of Lakeland residents and businesses.