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Commercial Recycling has Arrived!

City of Lakeland announces a new

Commercial Recycling Program for small businesses

The City of Lakeland is introducing a Commercial Recycling Program.  This weekly service includes the same convenient and popular wheeled roll carts used in our residential program.

The new Commercial Recycling Program incorporates “single stream” processing which allows businesses to recycle more items and not have to worry about sorting materials or what can and cannot be recycled. The City’s program is an efficient recycling solution for small businesses.  Did you know that the State of Florida has established a goal of a 75% recycling rate by 2020? The State’s rate in 2010 was only 28%! That means a great deal of materials that could be recycled is going into our landfill. We can do more as a community and as a business leader; we hope you participate in the City’s commercial recycling program.

The fee for weekly commercial recycling service of a single 95-gallon cart is $8.50 per month.

There are many incentives to recycling – it conserves landfill space and energy, and preserves natural resources. Recycling also allows
small business owners an opportunity to save money because separating recyclable items from your waste stream decreases the ultimate volume and weight of your waste, which in turn could reduce your solid waste collection costs.

Please call the Solid Waste office at (863) 834-8773 for more information.