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Michael Whigham
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Construction Supervisor
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Warren Bryant
Maintenance Supervisor
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Construction & Maintenance
407 Fairway Avenue
Lakeland, Fl 33801
Main Number: (863) 834-3300

Office Hours:
Monday through Thursday: 
6:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Drainage Cleanup

Backhoe cleaning drainage area

111th Accredited Agency (APWA)

Construction & Maintenance Division

This division is responsible for the street and drainage system, Streetscape Work

construction and maintenance projects and assists in the maintenance of the City’s lakes and environmental programs. The infrastructure inventory consists of roughly 783 miles of paved City streets, 22 miles of alleys, over 250 miles of sidewalks, as well as a City-wide storm drainage system that includes approximately 160 miles of underground storm sewer pipe, over 60 miles of ditches, approximately 8,000 storm inlets, 170 detention/retention ponds, 419 outfall structures, and 10 City-maintained lakes.

Construction Type Work

Sidwalk constructionThe Construction Section provides services for a wide range of construction projects, including major roadways, parking lots, stormwater drainage systems, sidewalks, curbing, sanitary sewer projects, and City parks.Brick streets

Maintenance Type Work

The Maintenance Section is responsible for resurfacing and striping of all City streets, grading roadwaysRepaving street and alleys, cleaning pedestrian walkways and storm drain inlets, making roadway repairs, restoring utility cuts, and repairing or replacing damaged sidewalks, curb sections, stormwater inlets and other concrete stRepaving streetructures.Clearing overgrowth around sidewalk

Street Sweeping

Street sweeping is an important tool to keep debris and trash from entering our lakes.  We operate six state-of-the art 
street sweepers.  On average, these street sweepers clean almost 17,000 miles of curbed streets and collect approximately 2,265 tons of materials every year that would otherwise end up in the lakes. Street sweepers are designed to remove trash and debris from City streets and help  prevent pollution from entering our lakes which supports the notion that “Every Curb Is a Shoreline”.   Our goal is to sweep each curbed street with in the city twice a month.