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Right of Way Use Permit

This activity consists of the Public Works Department's Engineering Division reviewing and issuing permits when someone wishes to perform construction or excavation in the City right of way. Some of the activities permitted are driveways, curbs, sidewalks, pipe installation, ditch excavation, cable installation, or any construction in the right of way.

There are two reasons for permitting these activities. The first reason is to coordinate utility line locations and guard against damage to other right of way users. The second is to minimize the City's liability by requiring contractors to have liability insurance.

It is necessary, when preparing an application, to provide a completed application, provide drawings of the proposed activity including the existing easements and property boundary, show existing right of way user's facilities, and show proof of insurance. These permits are in addition to site plan review when the City right of way is being utilized.

To find out more about right of way use permitting you can contact David Stroud at (863) 834-8437.