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Standards Manual

111th Accredited Agency (APWA)

Traffic Engineering

Through daily coordination with the Traffic Operations Division, the Traffic Engineer supervises traffic studies and develops reports and recommendations to improve traffic circulation, safety and neighborhood traffic control including:

1. Study and design of traffic calming projects within residential neighborhoods through public meetings and coordination with community organizations.

2. Analyzes roadways and intersections for traffic safety and accident reduction recommendations.

3. Makes recommendations regarding traffic signs, signals and pavement markings in coordination with other agencies, municipalities and local residents including parking regulations, speed limits and traffic signal timings.

4. Supervises and seals the development of traffic signal plans in conjunction with the City's Capital Improvement Program. Reviews and makes recommendations for installation of new traffic signals and/or traffic signal modifications.

5. Reviews development site plans for conformance with traffic engineering design standards. Reviews roadway improvement projects and makes recommendations in regards to geometric improvements, signalization and traffic signage requirements.

6. Coordinates Public Works Department road closures, traffic detours and special events requiring traffic signs, cones or barricades. Develops and reviews maintenance of traffic plans for traffic detours and road closures on construction projects.

For more information about Traffic Engineering services, please contact David Uria, Traffic Engineer at (863) 834-8447.