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Lakeshore Residents Guide

Photo of Homes along lake

Welcome to the lake, where your adventure begins!

As a lakeshore resident, you will experience changing environmental conditions, wildlife, recreational lake users (on most lakes) and governmental agencies, and sooner or later you will probably want to make some alterations to your property or the lakeshore. This guide has been created to be a useful tool with information about the lakes in the area in which we live and defines what your responsibilities are as a lakefront owner.


This guide includes:

    • Lake water quality
    • Stormwater runoff
    • Aquatic vegetation (control and maintenance)
    • Wildlife
    • Boating safety
    • Permitting requirements for lakeshore property owners
    • Resources to go to and numbers to call when you have questions

As a lakeshore resident, you have privileges that other folks do not, but you also have a responsibility to educate yourself about the environment you have chosen to live near. Your actions have a direct impact on the water quality of your lake, so, even if you have lived at the lake for a while, we feel that some pertinent environmental information and resources would be of value to you, and we have tried to include them in this guide.