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Keep Filling Those Recycle Bins!

Photo of Fishing line recycling programIn 2013, fishing line recycling bins were installed at the boat ramps of many lakes within the City of Lakeland. This project began as a coordinated effort between the Lakes and Stormwater Division and Lawton Chiles Middle Academy.  Once the bins were installed, it wasn’t long before citizens began filling them with discarded fishing line. The bins are monitored and maintained regularly by the Lakes and Stormwater Division. This allows for the line to be collected from the bins and taken to the local outdoor recycling container at the Tenoroc Fish Management Area. From there, it gets shipped to the Berkley Pure Fishing Company to be made into other plastic products. The project has shown to be quite successful and it represents great teamwork among all involved!

Just Keep Swimming - Fishing Line Recycling Project

Lawton Chiles Middle School Students Help to Recycle Fishing Line

Photo of Lawton Chiles Middle Students

Just Keep Swimming is an environmental project developed by students at Lawton Chiles Middle Academy to properly dispose and recycle monofilament fishing line. The thin, clear, and flexible material not only ensnares marine and terrestrial wildlife but can last up to 600 years in an ecosystem.  The students have been working hard this year to not only educate the public about the hazards of discarding the material in and around our lakes but also come up with solutions to ensure the material is collected and recycled properly.  

Photo of Lawton Chiles Middle Students

At the recent Cardboard Boat Race event, employees with the City of Lakeland’s Lakes and Stormwater division saw the student’s educational display and offered to help with their project.  A plan was set in motion to construct eleven monofilament recycling containers and place them at area lakes known for their fishing activity. The containers were made from 4” PVC pipe and stand about 2 feet tall. Students took time to decorate the pipes with stickers bearing different recycling messages. It is their hope for the future that a monofilament recycling container will be placed at all of the lakes here in our beautiful city.

Photo of Lawton Chiles Middle Students

As part of the project the students also developed a video and website to highlight the project and bring awareness to the problem.  Once on the site you will find photo galleries, educational Powerpoint displays and even a public poll. You can view the site at

Great job Lawton Chiles Middle School!