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Current Projects

Lake Hollingsworth Proposed Seawall

The City of Lakeland is proposing to install a shoreline stabilization wall immediately adjacent to the public boat ramp on Lake Hollingsworth.  The wall will extend westward to the City concrete dock adjacent to the Lakeland Yacht and Country Club and eastward to the City concrete dock frequently used by the Lakeland Ski Club. The intent of the project is to stabilize the shoreline area adjacent to the boat ramp and prevent further erosion of the lake’s banks. 

The project design phase is complete and structural engineering, geotechnical analysis, and permitting services are being provided by the City’s consultant Amec Foster Wheeler.  The proposed design is for a 375-foot long concrete, vinyl-coated, shoreline stabilization wall.  On average, the wall will extend 2 feet above the surface of the water. It will also have steps in 3 locations that will allow public access to and from the lake (see photos within powerpoint for further detail).   The total estimated cost of the project is $215,000.

A public hearing was conducted on August 18, 2015 to receive citizen comment on the project (see powerpoint). The anticipated timeframe for construction of the project is between June and August of 2016; however, a definite schedule has not been set to date.  Please contact Laurie Smith at (863) 834-6276 or with any questions or comments.


Stormwater Utility Overview and Status Report

This comprehensive report highlights the City of Lakeland's Stormwater Utility and includes information about revenue, capital improvements, regulatory duties, public education and outreach, and future needs.

Comprehensive Lakes Management Plan - 1996:

Due to the need for the City’s Lakes Program and the considerable expense of capital projects, a 20 year comprehensive plan was developed upon which to make future decisions. The plan synthesized the programs history and current situation then looked forward at the programs needs to achieve regulatory requirements and the desires of the City’s citizens.

Comprehensive Lakes Management Plan – 2006 Update:

This report represents the update to the 1996 CLMP. This document details the situation and outlook for the City’s Lakes management program. The plan acts as a guide for assigning priorities, effort and resources toward managing the City of Lakeland’s lakes and watersheds.