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Rated one of the 2011 Government '100 Best Fleets'

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Gary McLean, CPFP
(863) 834-8818

111th Accredited Agency (APWA)

Government Fleet Magazine “100 Best Fleets” award winners, 2011 - 2014

Government Fleet Magazine “50 Leading Fleets” award winner in 2014


Fleet Management

Fleet Management oversees the acquisition, maintenance, fueling, and disposal of the city’s vehicle and equipment fleet, totaling over 1,300 units. City of Lakeland’s vehicle fleet consists of automobiles, light, medium, and heavy trucks, construction and industrial equipment, utility and solid waste servicing vehicles, and other miscellaneous pieces of equipment to include water craft. Fleet Management replaces over 100 vehicles and equipment annually, totaling over $6,000,000. Fleet Management dispenses over 1,000,000 gallons of fuel annually to its vehicle fleet.

Fleet Management provides maintenance service during regular business hours and fueling services 24 hours a day with a staff of 30 full-time employees. Scheduled service and non-scheduled repairs are performed on site, and work is also contracted out to commercial locations for specialized work such as accident repair and major component overhaul. Fleet Management also provides extensive fabrication and welding services as well as vehicle outfitting and body paint and repair. During emergency operations, Fleet Management performs emergency fueling, off-site maintenance, and generator support to sustain critical city functions. Fleet Management is proud to partner with Genuine Parts Company since June 2010, hosting and operating a contracted parts store within Fleet’s maintenance facility. The parts store, dedicated to support only City of Lakeland’s vehicle fleet, provides extensive parts and material inventory to ensure required parts are available on demand.