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Material from Public Meeting held March 13, 2014

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Beacon Road Extension Study

In July 2009, the City of Lakeland (City) initiated the Beacon Road Multi-use Corridor Study to document the public use and feasibility of the existing undeveloped Beacon Road corridor from the existing intersection of Beacon Road and Harden Boulevard west to a potential connection with the proposed Wabash Extension, a distance of approximately 1.0 mile.   This corridor currently contains the Beacon Road ditch, a drainage system that accommodates existing stormwater runoff from adjacent land-uses and transportation facilities.  A vegetative buffer is also located along this corridor between adjacent residential land-uses located north and south of the existing ditch.

The Beacon Road Multi-use Corridor Feasibility Study, completed in March 2012, by the engineering firm of Dyer, Riddle, Mills & Precourt, Inc. (DRMP), was to identify and evaluate the need for and feasibility of utilizing this corridor for public purposes.  The study identified and evaluated a variety of potential multi-use and multi-modal uses such as: a roadway corridor; a recreational trail; drainage and/or utility improvements; a landscape buffer; or, any combination of these uses.  The study is consistent with the City of Lakeland Comprehensive Land Use Plan, Master Trails and Greenway Plan and Development Orders from the Oakbridge Development of Regional Impact (DRI) which requires the evaluation of providing east-west mobility and relief to parallel transportation corridors.  In addition to potential improvement alternatives, the study included consideration of leaving the corridor as is, otherwise known as the “do-nothing” alternative.

The Beacon Road Multi-Use Corridor Feasibility Study included an evaluation of the existing roadway, drainage, utility and recreational trail network followed by the development of conceptual alternatives for multi-use corridor improvements.  These conceptual design alternatives were evaluated in terms of accommodating projected transportation, utility and/or recreational trail needs as well as to minimize impact to adjacent property, existing or proposed developments, wetlands, historical or archeological sites and protected wildlife.  The Corridor Feasibility Study Report documents the evaluation and findings of the Beacon Road Multi-use Feasibility Study.  Upon completion of the Study, which is anticipated in mid-April 2012, a link to the Study will be provided.

The attached link will take you to the Beacon Road Multi-Use Corridor Feasibility Study – March 2012 Project Newsletter: Beacon Road Multi-Use Corridor Feasibility Study – March 2012 Project Newsletter

A public meeting was held on March 13, 2014 to propose the recommendation of a 1 mile long multi-use trail/greenway.  Information from that meeting is located to the right.

Additional project-related information may also be obtained by contacting Ms. Lana Braddy, Special Projects Coordinator, City of Lakeland at (863) 834-6040; or Mr. John Burkett, DRMP Project Manager at (407) 896-0594.

Last Update: April 2014