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New Jersey Trail

All work is being done to prepare for the FDOT funded New Jersey Trail project.   This project will help complete the park trail that joins Three Park Trail, Lake Hollingsworth and Crystal Lake Trail.

New Jersey Road - Sylvester Road Signal

Traffic studies have been performed during 2013 at the New Jersey Road/Sylvester Road signalized intersection. Based on existing intersection traffic volumes, accident history, pedestrian activity and the criteria stipulated in the “Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices” (MUTCD), the New Jersey Road/Sylvester Road signal does not meet any of the eleven traffic signal warrants to justify its continued operation. The alternative of operating the intersection as an “ALL-WAY” STOP improves the operation of the intersection with less traffic delays based on a Traffic Engineering analysis utilizing industry-standard highway capacity software. The “ALL-WAY” stop-controlled alternative also reduces traffic speeds along New Jersey Road and improves bicycle and pedestrian safety with less conflicting turning maneuvers at a protected stop-controlled crosswalk. The construction schedule for this project calls for the New Jersey Road/Sylvester Road traffic signal to be placed in “all-red” flash mode, with STOP signs on Monday morning, March 24th in conjunction with the start of Public Work’s New Jersey Road drainage improvements (Edgewood Drive – Crystal Lake Drive). Prior to removal of the signal pole and mast arm, the signal will flash as an “ALL-WAY” STOP for a minimum of 90 days to allow time to monitor the intersection and evaluate traffic conditions to confirm that no unanticipated traffic delays or safety concerns arise.

Road Closure for Drainage and Utilities Relocation

Our Construction & Maintenance Division will be making drainage improvements along New Jersey Road from Edgewood Drive to Crystal Lake Drive starting March 24, 2014.  In addition, Utilities will be relocated along the right of way requiring the road closure that begins March 24, 2014 and extends through April 11, 2014.