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North Wabash Avenue Alignment Study

The North Wabash Avenue Extension project, funded by Transportation Impact Fees, will connect Wabash Avenue (north of Tenth Street) with Fairbanks Street at the Bella Vista Street intersection. The project will also include improvements to the existing portion of Wabash Avenue from Tenth Street north to the current terminus at FiberTek’s property boundary. This project will be one segment of an ultimate north-south route from I-4 (south of SR 539/Kathleen Road interchange) to Harden Boulevard, just south of the Polk Parkway. The North Wabash Extension is a cost-affordable improvement in the Polk Transportation Planning Organization’s 2035 Mobility Vision Plan and is included in the Lakeland Comprehensive Plan 2010-2020.

The City of Lakeland contracted with URS Corporation Southern (URS) to develop an alignment study. The objective of the Study was to determine an extension for North Wabash Avenue that minimizes impacts and costs as necessary to satisfy the project goals and objectives. The Study addressed the identification, development and evaluation of potential transportation improvements within the project limits with the intent of improving corridor mobility, capacity, traffic circulation and safety.

The Project Team held the first public workshop on September 5, 2013 at the Trinity Church of God. A second public meeting, an Alternatives Workshop, was held on January 23, 2014. This workshop was conducted to present build alternatives under consideration and to obtain input from elected and appointed officials, property owners/tenants, business owners/operators, and other interested parties. The powerpoint from the presentation is available.

For information regarding this study, you make contact: Greg James (City of Lakeland) at (863)834-8440.