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Examples of Hazardous Waste

Automobile Batteries
Automobile Oil
Automobile Tires

111th Accredited Agency (APWA)

Hazardous Waste


Household Hazardous Waste should NOT be placed in your green garbage container or your blue recycling container.

The City of Lakeland hosts an annual Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day. For more information about this event, please call the Solid Waste Office at (863) 834-8773.

Household Hazardous Waste Collection        


The Solid Waste Management/Recycling Division establishes locations where City of Lakeland residents can deposit Household Hazardous Waste.

All information is subject to change. Call beforehand to make sure the business is continuing to accept the items.

Used Electronics and Appliance Recycling

Best Buy Stores accepts Ewaste (used electronics and appliances) as part of their national recycling program.

Click this link for more information  BEST BUY'S Ewaste RECYCLING PROGRAM

Automobile Batteries
Residents should also check with their local automotive part stores for disposal of automobile batteries.

Used Oil
(Do not mix oil with anti-freeze, gas or any other product.)
Residents can check with their local automobile service centers for disposal of used oil. You can call these local stores:

O'Riely Auto Parts
Discount Auto
Pep Boys
Sears Automotive Centers
Jiffy Lube
Auto Zone

(Do not mix anti-freeze, gas or any other product.)

Automobile Tires are accepted free of charge during the Hazardous Waste Collection Only

Scrap Metal, Copper and Aluminum
Residents should contact their local metal dealers in their area for hours, current selling prices and times for drop-offs.