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605 Evelyn Ave.
Lakeland, FL 33801

Click the Blue Cart to see what you can put in it!


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111th Accredited Agency (APWA)

Lakeland Recycles...doing our part !


The 1988 Solid Waste Management Act mandated a 30% reduction in the municipal solid waste going to our nations landfills.

Recycling uses only a small amount of space and requires only a few seconds a day. An area in the garage, a corner in the kitchen or a storage closet are convenient places to locate your container. If you have children at home, recycling can become their special project.

Our goal is 100% participation!

 So we've made it easy for you. Each resident receives a blue recycling container.  We'll pick up the recyclable material at your curb each week with our automated trucks. Please place your full container at the curb by 6 a.m. on your collection day. Your collection day will be provided when your blue container is delivered.  Please call (863) 834-8773 with any questions you may have!

Thanks for being an important part of this program!