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Traffic Engineering

Traffic studies

The Traffic Engineering Section of Traffic Operations, is responsible for collection of all types of data for traffic analysis. Various types of data is collected through field studies that include turning movement counts, pedestrian counts, speed & volume with the use of computerized traffic counters and road tubes placed across roadway. Gap studies, stop delay, vehicular classification counts, crash diagrams are all used to determine high crash/high speed areas. The collected data is used to determine transportation needs in making decisions regarding traffic signal warrants, traffic signal design, roadway design, appropriate speed limits and the placing of various regulations such as turning movement restrictions or restrictions on truck traffic, stop signs, signal timings and placement of traffic calming devices, etc. Also to insure that traffic controls including signs and pavement markings are maintained for clear view for the motorist/pedestrian safety.

The City of Lakeland has a Traffic Safety Team made up of traffic engineers, traffic technicians, Lakeland Police Department, Florida Department of Transportation and Community Development to over see traffic safety/pedestrian concerns. The purpose of the team is to identify traffic related concerns within the City. Traffic Engineering collects and provides analysis/data requested by the safety team. Jointly the team arrives at a solution for problem locations.