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111th Accredited Agency (APWA)

Turning Movement Count

This requires an individual to be at a location for a given length of Turning Movement Countstime and record the number of vehicles that go left, right, and through. This information is recorded for each leg of an intersection. At busy intersections it takes 2 individuals to do the study. The data collected is used to measure the capacity of an intersection, to establish what type of control device is needed (stop sign, signal, etc.) and determine the timing of the intersection's traffic signal.

Vehicle Speed, Volume & Classification

A machine count is used to determine the 85th percentile speed, total and peak hour volumes, andDetermining Vehicle Speed classify (car, truck, bus, etc.) at a particular point on a roadway. This information is used to determine level-of-service of a roadway, identify speeding problems, and what types of vehicles are using the roadway.