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We all enjoy the beautiful lakes in the City of Lakeland that are maintained by City staff.  Funding is needed to continue with the maintenance of the City lakes and to ensure that all regulatory requirements are met. 

Finance Customer Billing is the point of contact regarding the stormwater billings that you see on your utility bill.  There is a flat rate for residential customers and commercial customers are billed based on the square footage of the property. Credits are also available if you should have a retention pond that meets the criterion for this monthly savings on your utility bill.


Lakes & Stormwater

Below are helpful links that will assist in your search for various documents or answers to your questions.  If you need anything further, please feel free to contact Finance Customer Billing and someone will provide you with assistance by the end of the day.                            


Stormwater 101     


Credit Application 


How is the Stormwater Utility fee collected?

The utility fee is included as a separate item on the utility bill received for municipal water, wastewater, solid waste, recycling and electric services. It is due each month through the monthly utility payment. 

All developed properties within the City limits that receive an electric utility bill are subject to a stormwater utility fee. This includes residences, businesses, churches and schools.

The fee per month is $9.72 for single-family residential, $6.52 for a mobile home and $5.79 for multi-living residential units. 

Fees for non-residential customers are based on the amount of impervious (pavement, roofs, sidewalk) area on the property. These customers are assessed a monthly rate of $9.72 per 5,000 square feet of impervious area.