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Library Petition & Passive Engagement Policy

The Lakeland Public Library, Main Library, and the Larry R. Jackson Branch Library allow petitioners and passive engagement activities in specific outdoor areas on library property. This authorization is to provide a reasonable opportunity for expressive activity on library property. Public rights of way are also available so long as pedestrian or vehicle activity is not impeded and can be done safely.

Petition and Passive Engagement Policy:

  1. Petitioning, canvassing and passive citizen engagement initiatives designed to contact, survey, gather signatures, share information, and inform citizens about various topics are only allowed within a designated area outside the library building. No petitioning, canvassing or similar types of citizen engagement initiatives are allowed inside the library building.
  2. The outdoor space for petitioning, or passive citizen engagement initiatives, shall be designated by the City Librarian, or designee. Requests are handled on a first-come, first-served basis, and must not impede access to the building or interfere with access by library customers.
  3. Petitioners/individuals must provide contact information for themselves and for the group for which they are working for emergency, safety, and liability purposes.
  4. Petitioners/individuals have the option to bring a small portable table (24” x 18” approx.) and portable chair. Access to power is not available.
  5. Signs and posters cannot be affixed to the building.
  6. Sound amplification and/or other equipment cannot be used.
  7. No monies or donations can be collected, solicited, or accepted.
  8. The individual or group petitioning or conducting similar citizen initiatives is responsible for the information presented. Permission to use property does not imply that Lakeland Public Library and its branches or the City of Lakeland endorses the purposes, policies, or contents of the organization, group, or individual.
  9. Individuals must adhere to the Library’s Code of Conduct for behavior and may not actively pursue, harass or intimidate library customers. Individuals who are reported to engage in improper behavior may be asked to leave the premises.
  10. The Library reserves the right to refuse individuals, groups, or organizations space for petitioning. Refusal can be based upon, but is not limited to:
    1. Disruption of normal library business operations such as obstructing entrance and exit of library facilities
    2. Petitioning outside of normal business hours.

Download a PDF version of the Library Petition & Passive Engagement Policy.

Main Library Designated Space

Main Library, 100 Lake Morton Drive, designated space is 10’ off to the left, south of the main entry doors next to the exterior wall and extends 13’ 6” to the south, with table/chair not to extend beyond 4’ from the wall.

See below.

 Petition space at Lakeland Public Library on parking lot entrance, 10' from door extending 13.5' down sidewalk and 4' out from wall.

Larry R. Jackson Branch Library Designated Space

The Larry R Jackson Branch Library, 1700 N. Florida Avenue, designated space is shown below where the sidewalks meet to the left of the front entry doors. Any table or chair should not extend beyond the 4’ space.

See Below.

Petition space at Larry R. Jackson Branch outlined on sidewalk by parking lot, approximately 6' by 4' area where the main sidewalk joins the smaller sidewalk to the Meeting Room door.