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Access to your favorite tunes all in one place.

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    Freegal Music+

    Access millions of songs and artists with freegalmusic+. Download and keep 5 songs each week absolutely FREE! Plus, unlimited music streaming! Even better? 15,000+ Music videos are available too!  All you need is your library card.


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    Your library card and PIN give you FREE access to thousands of titles with hoopla. Create an account and download/stream up to 12 titles per month on your PC or mobile device. The free app is available on Google Play and the App Store. 

    NOTE: Beginning in August 2022, daily spending thresholds have been applied for the hoopla service. If you receive a message on hoopla or within the hoopla app that the library's daily borrow limit has been reached, you will not be able to borrow the item(s) until the following day; the borrow limit resets at midnight and you can add titles to a favorites list for easy access to borrow them later. 

     Get the app!

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