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  • I want to construct a or replace my driveway. What do I need to do?

    Residential and commercial driveways require permits that can be applied for in the Building Inspection Division located on the first floor of City Hall. The permits have the specifications for the different types driveways and the material required. Further permit information is available via Engineering.

  • Who do I contact about a pothole?

    Contact our division to report a pothole, 863.834.3300.  We take care of road maintenance on public streets within the City of Lakeland city limits. 

  • How do I get a sidewalk or curbing on my street?

    New sidewalks are usually funded through Capital Improvement Projects. The City of Lakeland currently does not have a funded curbing program. New sidewalks and curbing on residential streets are constructed through Assessment Programs that are administered by the Public Works Engineer's Office. Additionally, some sidewalks are constructed through Community Block Grant Funding.

  • Who do I contact about clogged inlets?

    The Construction & Maintenance Division will clean and clear clogged inlets and storm drains. Our group also regularly maintains retention ditches inside the City limits to keep them free of trash and debris. Call 863.834.3300 to report a problem.

  • Am I inside the city limits?
  • When will my street be paved?

    The Pavement Management Program is used to determine which streets are in need of paving. Annually, a list of streets to be paved is generated. Most of the paving is done during the months of October through July. Notifications are sent out to inform residents who live on the streets scheduled to be paved.

  • When will my street be swept?

    All City streets that have curbing are swept on a monthly schedule. During some times of the year, this schedule may be altered to allow sufficient time to sweep leaves.

  • Who do I contact if a sinkhole develops on my property?

    If a sinkhole develops on your property you should contact your insurance company.

  • How can I get my alley or street paved?

    Unpaved streets and alleys can be paved through the Assessment for Paving Program.  The program is processed through Public Works Engineer's Office.  One of the key issues of the program is that all the residents along the alley or street must agree to the program.  

    Please talk to your neighbors about the program to make sure they are in agreement with your proposal.

  • Where can I put my basketball goal at my driveway?

    The goal must be placed behind the City of Lakeland basketball goal on driveway right-of-way, usually 15 feet off the road. It must be placed in such as way as to be safe for passing traffic and the basketball players.