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A picture of the Park Mobile logoRegister

You must first register online and create an account.

You can engage your account via the APP or a phone call from a cell or landline.  Add the Parkmoible phone number to your contacts for easy access: 877.727.5714.

Paid Lots/Garages - Online Map

  1. Look for Parkmobile signs/stickers with your zone number and phone number
  2. Once registered, open the app or call the phone number to engage your account
  3. Provide space number, add time and go!

2 Hours Free Parking Downtown Daily

Parking is free for a total of 2 hours per day in any 2-Hours FREE designated parking space.  Remember, that is a TOTAL of 2 hours per day and not per space or parking session.

Once you've exhausted your FREE 2 hours you can add time without returning to your car!  A veteran with a Combat Wounded license plate may park for free all day.

For those that require more than two-hours of downtown parking, use on-street peripheral locations on Massachusetts Avenue, Main Street and Orange Street, ParkMobile zone number assigned: “2725”. For this zone, the first two hours of operation will be free of charge, followed by the ability to purchase up to seven additional continuous hours (for a grand total of up to nine hours) at the rate of $0.25 per hour plus applicable ParkMobile fees.

Here's How Parkmobile Works

  1. Park your car and start enjoying your FREE 2 hours.  It is up to you to keep track, so we suggest a reminder on your phone or watch to alerts you when your 2 hours is almost up.  Note the zone number if you are not using the Parkmobile app.
  2. Before your 2 free hours expire, open the Parkmobile app or call the phone number to engage your account.  No need to return to your car.
  3. Enter your zone number.  Choose the tag number from those listed in your account.  Enter your time (up to 2 additional hours for on-street spaces) and continue to enjoy Downtown!


 Video Tutorials

How to Use Parkmobile

Reservations Demo