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Business Tax Office

Business Tax Receipt (formerly an Occupational License)

The City of Lakeland requires all business located and/or operating inside the city limits pay an annual Business Tax.  A receipt for payment of the Business Tax is commonly referred to as a Business Tax "Receipt."  Payment of such tax, however, does not constitute approval or certification or licensure by any governing authority responsible for overseeing or regulating a trade, practice, activity or service, etc.

Most Business Tax fees are based on square footage, number of workers and/or category of profession.  Actual Business Tax fees are determined after contact with the Business Tax Office.  In addition, if a business location is inside the city limits, Business Tax Receipts from both the City of Lakeland and Polk County are required.

Zoning Designation

Reminder: the appropriate zoning designation is necessary for ALL businesses, including home businesses.

Renew a Business Tax

Need to renew a Business Tax? Click here.


To apply for Business Tax Receipts, contact:

City of Lakeland

Business Tax Office
228 S Massachusetts Avenue
Lakeland, FL  33801

Polk County

Business Tax Office
Polk County Tax Collector
430 E Main Street
Bartow, FL  33831


Lakeland Branch
916 N Massachusetts Avenue
Lakeland, FL  33801


 State Sales Tax Number  Florida Department of Revenue
 Lakeland Office
 115 S. Missouri Avenue, #202
 Lakeland, FL  33801

 Social Security Number or
 Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN)

 Internal Revenue Service
 Lakeland Office
 2133 Harden Boulevard
 Lakeland, FL  33803

Additional Requirements