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Plan Your First Meeting

Don't go at it alone!

  • See if you can find some friends and neighbors to help organize the first meeting. You might find someone who has talent as an organizer or meeting planner. Allow 3-4 weeks before the meeting to ensure sufficient time to prepare for the meeting and mail meeting notices.

Reserve a multi-purpose meeting room. The most common locations are schools or churches.

  • The meeting room should be a familiar location where all attendees can feel comfortable and safe.
  • The meeting room should be clean and have bathrooms and good lighting.
  • Consider parking.
  • Consider access issues for individuals with disabilities.
  • Consider the acoustics in the room and whether or not you need a sound system
  • Are there enough chairs and/or tables available?
  • Consider the travel options of residents wishing to participate and possibly organize transportation assistance for elderly or others who have no way of getting to the meeting.

Consider having a speaker to talk about a topic of particular interest to the neighborhood.

  • Is there a topic you think may be a draw to improve attendance? Is there an expert who could speak to the topic?
  • See if your local government can send a neighborhood liaison to discuss the relationship between the government and neighborhood associations.
  • You may want to invite a representative from other established neighborhood associations or school officials, ministers or other leaders.

Compose an invitation letter with the date, time and location of the meeting and mail the invitation letter at least one week before the meeting.