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Pension Plans

Provision for retirement income requiring mandatory participation for full-time regular employees.  City of Lakeland employees do not pay into Social Security.

General Employees:

Defined Benefit Plan:

  Plan C Defined Contribution Plan: Executive and New Hires Over Age 52
Employee Contribution 3.08% 8.5% and/or 11% per election upon hire
Employer Contribution 16.67% 15.39%

Deferred Comp:

A voluntary plan, the Employees’ Pension Board performs the due diligence on the funds. Employees may reallocate their accounts at any time. The maximum contribution for 2023 is $22,500; employees age 50 or older can also add a “catch-up” amount of $7,500. Additionally, a match of up to 5% of salary is offered by the City in Plan C.

Vesting Period:

An employee is fully vested in their retirement after five years of employment unless they are a sworn Police Officer. Sworn Lakeland Police Officers are vested after ten years of employment.

Fire Department (Certified Fire Fighter)


Police Department (Sworn Officers)






Employee Contribution


Employee Contribution


Employer Contribution


Employer Contribution


Please see Retirement Services for details on vesting and investment options.