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Stormwater Utility Program

In December 1999, the Lakeland City Commission adopted the Stormwater Utility to provide a dedicated funding source for operation and maintenance of our City’s stormwater system (to include extension and replacement), pollution abatement devices, and lake improvement projects.

Why do we need a stormwater utility?

Stormwater has been identified as the number one (#1) source of lake and waterway pollution in the U.S.A. - even above industrial pollution.  Our lakes are one of our community's greatest assets. They provide us with recreational opportunities and are the natural habitat for fish, birds, and other wildlife that depend on the lakes for their survival. Left untreated, stormwater runoff will continue to pollute our lakes. By managing stormwater now, we can protect our lakes from further pollution and improve the overall water quality.

What about my private stormwater management system?

Customers that have qualifying on-site stormwater facilities may be eligible for a credit or exemption toward their utility fee. To be considered for a credit or exemption, customers need to complete a credit application form.  To get started, fill out our request form.

How does the stormwater utility work?

The Stormwater Utility is a unit within the City that provides stormwater management. Like water, wastewater, solid waste, recycling, and electric utilities, the Stormwater Utility generates its revenue through user fees. These fees are used for construction, maintenance and operation of stormwater management devices, for stormwater systems planning and for lake management.

How is the stormwater utility fee collected?

The utility fee is included as a separate item on the utility bill received for municipal water, wastewater, solid waste, recycling and electric services. It is due each month through the monthly utility payment.