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What is ePlan?

ePlan is a web-based electronic and document workflow solution that allows citizens and City staff to initiate and complete the building permit plan submission, review, and approval process online as opposed to a manual, in-person and paper-based process. Unlike the current paper system, ePlan allows for several cost and time saving efficiencies including:

  • Submission of plans electronically from your office, 24 hours 7 days a week
  • Simultaneous review of the plans by all professional and trade disciplines
  • City reviewer mark-ups made directly on plans to provide direction and clarity as to any items which require correction
  • Re-submission of corrected plans electronically from the convenience of your office
  • Real-time return of your approved, stamped plans once the fees are paid

When an applicant (architect, engineer, home owner, business owner or agent) submits a building permit application requiring drawings, ePlan will invite the applicant's architect and/or agent by email to upload the electronic drawings and all relevant schedules and documents. City review staff will then have simultaneous access to review the plans and note any corrections directly on the plans to afford absolute clarity. The applicant is notified of the correction and the updated plans are electronically resubmitted to the City. When the plans are in order and fees paid, the applicant can download the approved stamped plans.

An Icon of an explanation mark Note: The First Step to using ePlan is by submitting a Building Permit or Planning Project in iMS.
  • How do I get a login?

    When you submit a permit application or file to have a planning review, through iMS you will be invited to login into the system via the email address you give on your application.

    Link to iMS

    Link to ePlan

    An Icon of an explanation mark If you have not used ePlan before please continue reading the topics. They contain important setup information.

  • System Requirements to Participate

    E-Plan is a web based platform. It requires the following:

    • Internet connection
    • Microsoft Edge; latest releases of: Chrome, Safari, or Firefox
    • Allow ALL pop-ups from eplan.lakelandgov.net.  


    For full system requirements information: System Setup Guide


  • File Upload Requirements

    Files submitted for electronic review should meet the standards in the following document:

    ePlan File Standards

    In addition to the File Standards, each drawing file must be digitally signed by the Professional of record in accordance with their Certification Board and the State of Florida.

    • The files cannot be self-signed.
    • A third party certificate authority must be used to obtain your Digital Signature.
      Example of Digital Signature authorities:
      • IdenTrust
      • Cosign
      • GlobalSign
  • Quick Start Guide

    An Icon of an explanation mark This quick start guide is designed to help you through the entire ePlan process.

    ePlan Quick Start

    It is strongly recommended that you read the entire guide before you upload your first files.

  • Digital Signatures


    An Engineer, Architect, and Surveyor's Digital Signature must be in compliance with the latest State Statue requirements 471.025 & Florida Administrative Code 61G15-23.003. We cannot approve the plans for your customer's permit until we receive drawings signed and sealed in accord with the State Statute utilizing a certificate authority and the NEW additional sentences added by FBPE.

    The files cannot be self-signed.

  • FAQs
    • Do I need a computer to use ePlan?
      • Yes. The availability of a computer with internet access is required for ePlan Review. You will also need a valid email address. The uploading of files and the communication regarding your application will be handled primarily through email.
    • Why am I getting an error when trying to view a plan page in ePlan?
      • More than likely this is due to an error in the installation of the ePlan components on a computer running Vista or Windows 7. Please uninstall the components from your computer through Add/Remove Programs, turn off User Account Control, restart the computer and refer to the instructions on the ePlan Quick Start that will guide you through the process of getting the ePlan components installed correctly on your computer.
    • Why can't I view and print my approved documents/drawings?
      • Payment is required before your approved drawings will be stamped and placed in the Approved folder in ePlan. Please log into iMS or contact Building Inspection 863.834.6012 or email eplanhelp@lakelandgov.net.
    • Will I have access to my approved project in ePlan after I have downloaded my approved documents and/or drawings?
      • Yes, you will be able to access your project at any time after the approval has occurred up until the job has completed. At that time, the project will be archived from the ePlan system into our separate file retention program.
    • How do I get my password for ePlan?
      • Once your initial request for an application online (Building Permits only), and the request for an application is accepted, the ePlan system will send an email to the address you provided, which contains your temporary password to login to ePlan.

        If you forget your password, you can use the "Forgot Password?" link on the ePlan login screen. The system will ask you for your account email address. An email will be sent with a verification code and link to re-set the password.  

        If the "Forgot Password" link does not resolve your issue please contact Building Inspection 863.834.6012 or email eplanhelp@lakelandgov.net.
    • What software do I need to use for ePlan?
      • No special software is required. ePlan is a browser based application that runs through Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Safari, or Firefox and a connection to the internet.

        See the ePlan Quick Start for instructions and more information.
    • What do I do if I upload the wrong files?
    • I've received an email notification that corrections are needed for my drawings, how do I view them?
      • After logging in to ePlan, click the Reports tab and select the "Changemarks" report. 
      • Under the Reviews tab.  Any comments marked as "Unresolved" will have a space for a response.
    • How do I submit revisions or corrections after my plans have been approved?
      • Please email the Permit Staff at eplanhelp@lakelandgov.net with your Permit Number. Explain that you need to submit changes to your approved plans. They will restart the review process, which will allow you to submit your changes.

        Remember: Keep filenames the same as your original submission, the software will version it.