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25th Year HOME
Program Year 2019-2020

Applications are now available for organizations seeking funds to provide affordable housing development for Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) under the HOME Investment Partnerships (HOME) Program for the period of October 1, 2019 through September 30, 2020.

Applications are available from and must be returned to the Community Development Department, Neighborhood Services Division, Housing Section, 1104 Martin L. King, Jr. Avenue, Lakeland, Florida 33805. To request an application packet or additional information, please call 863/834-3360 or email Annie Gibson. The application form and cover letter are now available

The deadline for filing applications is Friday, March 29, 2019, at 4:00 p.m. Applications must be received at the Neighborhood Services Division, Housing Section, 1104 Martin L. King, Jr. Avenue, Lakeland 33805 by the deadline. Late applications will not be accepted.


Help for Developers

Affordable Housing Incentives Program

As part of the City's participation in and eligibility for the State Housing Initiatives Partnership (SHIP) program, the Housing Office is required to implement an Affordable Housing Incentive Plan.  Incentives included in the Plan which may be requested include:

  • Expedited permitting for affordable housing development projects
  • Reimbursement of impact fees for affordable housing development projects
  • Modified infrastructure requirements for affordable housing development projects

View the full Affordable Housing Incentive Plan and Application for Incentives.

Click here to view additional development incentives.

A map of the Affordable Housing Incentive target area(Document under ADA review)


Community Housing Development Organizations

The Federal Government requires that a portion of the City's HOME Investment Partnership Program funding be set aside for specific activities to be undertaken by a special type of nonprofit called a Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO).  A CHDO is a private nonprofit, community-based organization that has obtained or intends to obtain staff with the capacity to develop affordable housing for the community it serves.  HOME grantees (called Participating Jurisdictions in the HOME Program) must set aside a minimum of 15 percent of their HOME allocations for housing development activities in which qualified CHDOs are the owners, developers and/or sponsors of the housing.

For additional information, or to become a CHDO, please contact the Affordable Housing Office at 863.834.3360 or by email.

A photo of a homestead program signage

Urban Homesteading

The Urban Homesteading Program (UH) is an incentive to encourage single-family, infill development on vacant, buildable lots owned by the City of Lakeland. Generally, these lots are offered for sale to persons/families that will construct a new single-family home for use as their principal residence.  Purchasers can be of any income range as the program is intended to create a mix of incomes in the neighborhoods where UH lots are located.

View the full Urban Homesteading Program description.

Interested in purchasing a UH property?  View the list of available properties or see the properties in a map (Document under ADA Review).