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A  picture of new firefighters being instructed at Training Center.

A picture of a firefigher during Technical Rescue Training

A picture of firefighters during Scenario Training

The Lakeland Fire Department prides itself on the extent and quality of the training it requires of its firefighters to meet multiple local, state, and national standards while staying prepared for whatever emergency situation could present itself. The division is responsible for: 

1) Training for all Department Personnel

2) Oversight of Occupational Health and Safety; including Personal Protective Equipment

3) Specialized Training including Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) and Technical Rescue

4) Standards Compliance, including those set forth by National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), Insurance Services Office (ISO), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and other regulatory agencies

5) Hiring and Onboarding of New Firefighters 

Under the supervision of Training Chief John Almskog, who also serves as Health and Safety Officer, the division stayed busy by keeping up with standards’ compliance, new training opportunities, and oversight in the hiring and promotion of new firefighter and medical personnel. 

Additionally, the department’s improvement to an Insurance Services Office classification score to a 1 is a result of the training division’s oversight, with the Training Chief playing a major role in the review process. The hard work accomplished within this division has the greatest impact on the ISO score. The thousands of training hours performed and the departments work in exceeding many of the state and national standards played a large role in achieving the top score. 

The training division is essential in ensuring safety for all of the men and women that make up the emergency response personnel. The department’s motto of “Everyone Goes Home” is ensured day in and day out by the training division which consistently trains on the most effective ways of performing fire suppression based on the best available resources and techniques. 

The training division also oversees training for the specialty teams housed at LFD.