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Fire Prevention Education

The Lakeland Fire Department offers several free public education programs for both children and adults to help promote fire safety to the citizens of Lakeland. 

You can learn more about each program here and if you would like to request a program, complete our electronic request form.

The following programs take place at your location unless otherwise requested or specified.

School-Based Programs

Smoke Alarms Go Beep (Pre-K - Kindergarten)

This program teaches children to recognize what happens when a smoke alarm goes off and what to do when it does. Children learn the importance of getting out and staying out when a smoke alarm is going off and having a meeting place with their family in the case of an emergency.

Friendly Firefighter (Pre-K - 5th Grade)

This program is designed to familiarize children with firefighters and their protective gear. The goal is to create the perception of firefighters as friends and community helpers. Students will learn the pieces of protective gear and how they work to protect each firefighter.

Staying Fire Safe (1st Grade- 3rd Grade)

This program is designed to teach children how to identify fire hazards, what to do when a fire emergency occurs, and how to use the "Stop, Drop, and Roll" method.

Meet and Greet with the Fire Engine (All Ages)

Firefighters come out with their engine to teach children a little about their "toolbox on wheels." Children can be introduced to the many tools found on a fire engine, and also includes a demonstration of the firefighter's bunker gear from our "Friendly Firefighter" program.

Station Tour (All Ages; Minimum # of 7 People)


Adult Programs

Workplace Safety and Fire Extinguisher Basics

This program is designed to teach adults what to do in a workplace fire emergency, as well as to recognize possible fire hazards in the workplace and how to avoid them. We also have a demonstration of how to properly use a fire extinguisher.

Let's Retire Fire (55+)

At age 55+, older adults are twice as likely to be killed or injured by fires or falls compared to the rest of the population. This program focuses on the many causes of injury to older residents and how to prevent them.

Our Communication and Education Assistant teaching

children about smoke alarms 

Firefighters showing a group of students a Fire Truck

Teaching how to properly use a fire extinguisher