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The Coronavirus/COVID 19 Situation and the Lakeland Fire Department

Lakeland’s Firefighter/Medics are on the front-lines of the Coronavirus/COVID-19 response in the Lakeland community. LFD is providing the exceptional quality of care the community has come to expect and has always received.

Here is some important information about how the Lakeland Fire Department is managing response during the Coronavirus/COVID-19 situation, and impacts to some of the department's non-emergency services:

  • If you are experiencing an emergency, please dial 911.
  • The Lakeland Fire Department is operating 24/7, as it always has. There have not been any interruptions in service and there will be none.
  • The department’s first responders are taking additional precautions to protect themselves on calls, including the use of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).
  • 911 Dispatchers are asking screening questions when calls are received to identify possible viral alerts. This information is being relayed to first responders, so that they can take additional steps in protecting themselves when assisting patients.
  • The department’s first responders are taking every precaution to ensure that fire stations are being sanitized and kept clean. Daily cleaning is taking place at all seven stations.
  • The department’s medical rescue division is working closely with colleagues at the Polk County Medical Director’s Office to update and disseminate medical response protocols to all of LFD’s emergency responders. Updates are being distributed to first responders daily.
  • The department’s leadership and emergency manager are working closely with leaders across the City of Lakeland. Collectively, they are closely monitoring the situation. Information is being evaluated hourly and guiding the decisions made that may impact Lakeland’s citizens and visitors.
  • The department’s Prevention Division will not be performing routine fire inspections at high-risk locations (e.g. childcare facilities, educational facilities, medical centers, nursing homes, etc.) during this time to limit exposures to the facilities occupants and fire department personnel.
  • Out of caution and as a preventative measure, the Lakeland Fire Department has cancelled all public education programs, events, and station tours. No new programs will be scheduled for the foreseeable future, as the department continues to take steps to avoid further risk of transmission.
  • Visitors are discouraged at all seven of the department's fire stations. There will be no station tours allowed during this period.

We appreciate your understanding and assistance as we all deal with the evolving Coronavirus / COVID-19 situation.


Dedicated Firefighters

Leaders in Emergency Medicine

Experienced Prevention and Safety Professionals

Active and Engaged Participants in Our Community

Always There for You

The Lakeland Fire Department (LFD) works diligently to live up to the City of Lakeland’s values and to fulfill the department’s mission and vision.  LFD is made up of an incredibly dedicated and diverse group of people who consistently display a professional commitment to protect the life and property of Lakeland’s citizenry and visitors.

It is LFD’s duty to provide professional, compassionate, and respectful emergency services to anyone in need. The Lakeland Fire Department is proud to be an Insurance Services Office Class 1 department, the highest achievable rating. This rating is thanks to the quality, coverage, services, and preventative measures taken by the department. The ISO 1 rating also affords the community with peace of mind and lower insurance rates. 

LFD provides multiple services, including: fire suppression, non-transport Advanced Life Support Emergency Medical Services response, fire inspections and investigations, plans review, and community outreach.  LFD is also very dynamic in that it has a Technical Rescue Team offering rescue service in confined spaces, trench, high angle, building collapse, and vehicle or machinery entrapment. Additionally, the department also provides Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) protection at the Lakeland Linder Regional Airport, Lakeland’s regional airport.

You’re invited to explore the website and become more familiar with the department’s several divisions while gaining a greater appreciation for the quality and professionalism of the people that make it possible.


To be the best public safety organization focused on providing superior service.


Ensure the health, safety, and well-being of our community through servant leadership in a positive organizational culture.


To perform my duty with honor, integrity, and trust. 


Everyone goes home. 

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