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West Kathleen Neighborhood Association


About West Kathleen


West Kathleen is the most recent neighborhood to officially become a part of the Neighborhood Association Coalition! Located south of Interstate 4 and West of Kathleen Road, this neighborhood sits close to the edge of city limits. West Kathleen is made up of long-time residents (some of whom have lived in the neighborhood for over 50 years) who want to see their neighborhood flourish. 

The history of Kathleen Road is centered around its proximity to the railroad that goes through Lakeland. The area that is now West Kathleen Neighborhood was primarily used as a rail yard in the mid 1900s.

Map of West Kathleen.

Map of West Kathleen.


The Kathleen rail yard in 1967.

The Kathleen rail yard in 1967.

Kathleen Railyard

The railroad as it crosses Interstate 4. Here in 1968, you can see single-family homes already lining the railroad.


Neighborhood Association

President: Ryan Birt


Get Connected

Email: ryanbirt34@gmail.com

Meetings: TBD