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The Lakeland Police Department has many opportunities for a rewarding and exciting career in law enforcement. Officers joining LPD can look forward to a career that offers opportunities for advancement, specialty and leadership training.

If you are a motivated person who is interested in a career in law enforcement, then the Lakeland Police Department is for you. LPD is a CALEA and CFA accredited agency that has a tradition of excellence. The Lakeland Police Department is committed to providing exceptional public safety services to our community and takes a leadership role in building community partnerships.

General Description Of Class:

Lakeland Police Department excels in responsible Police work in the protection of life and property through the enforcement of laws and ordinances. Work involves the responsibility for prevention, detection and investigation of crimes and for maintaining law and order. Duties also consist of patrolling an assigned area, traffic regulation and direction and involvement in accident, criminal and other types of investigations. Duties may entail special assignments.

Duties can involve an element of personal danger and may be performed in an automobile, on a motorcycle, on a bicycle or on foot during an assigned shift. Assignments are received from superior officers and are carried out under established policies and procedures. Employees in this class must exercise considerable judgment and skill in their handling of emergencies. Performance is reviewed through conferences, handwritten and computer written reports, inspections and observations by superiors.

Continue on to see what you need to become a City of Lakeland police officer.

The Lakeland Police Department is an equal opportunity employer.

  • Competitive Salary and Benefits
  • Specialty Unit Opportunities
  • Lateral and Promotional Opportunities
  • Paid Training for Career Development
  • Take-Home Vehicle with Car Wash Services
  • Uniform and Equipment Provided
  • Dry Cleaning Services Included
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Special Details and Overtime Opportunities



Wakesha Phidd
Recruiting Officer

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    • Minimum Age: 21 years.
    • Applicant must be a United States Citizen.
    • Must possess a high school diploma or GED from an accredited school or training facility. Preference may be given to those applicants who possess an associate's degree or higher from an accredited college or university.
    • Must maintain valid contact information.
    • Must possess a valid State of Florida driver license or have the ability to obtain one.
    • Applicants must meet all requirements established by the Florida Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission. Applicants must also possess a current State of Florida Police Officer Certification or meet Commission Comparable Compliance. The requirements are enumerated in F.S. 943.13 (listed below).
    • Applicants will be required to pass ALL elements of the selection process prior to being employed as a Lakeland Police Officer.
    • Copy of birth certificate.
    • Copy of valid passport if applicable. 
    • Copy of valid driver license.
    • Copy of State of Florida Law Enforcement Certification (If you are Florida Certified).
    • Copy of High School Diploma.
    • Copy of DD214 – Military Discharge (if applicable).

    Applicants for the position of POLICE OFFICER are required to submit a copy of ALL required documents with the employment application. Applicants will not be eligible for employment until ALL required documents have been submitted to CIVIL SERVICE or uploaded with the application.  Required documents will not be accepted after the closing of the job posting.



    Our system allows you to work on your application and save the application without submitting it. This is done to allow you to save your work and come back to finish the application without having to start over. If you submit your application and do not "complete" it before 4 p.m. on the posted close date (listed on the job opportunities page), your application will be rejected from the system and you will have to start the application over. The application WILL NOT be accepted or reviewed until it is "complete".

    After submission of the completed application (including ALL required documents) the application will be accepted. Once the application is accepted, the Personnel Services Section of the Lakeland Police Department will review the application and you will be contacted within 60 days of the "accepted" date.

    Next, you will be required to take and pass a Physical Abilities Test and have your fingerprints taken to assist in the background phase of the hiring process.

    If selected to move to the next phase, you will attend an interview conducted by a panel. The panel will consist of a minimum of three police department members.

    A thorough background investigation, including a polygraph test, will be completed on all candidates prior to employment. Those applicants that are selected for employment will be given a conditional offer of employment. The job offer is contingent upon the successful completion and approval of a polygraph examination, psychological fitness examination, medical examination, drug screen testing and completed background investigation.

    The applicant will receive written notice either by mail or electronic mail at each phase of the selection process advising them that they were selected to move forward in the process or that they were not selected. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the e-mail address provided on the application is correct and to provide any updated information to Civil Service during the application process.

    Once a decision has been reached to offer the applicant employment OR that the applicant will not be offered employment, applicants will be notified within 30 days. The intent of the Lakeland Police Department's Personnel Services Section is that the selection process, from the date of the post exam until the applicant is advised of a decision regarding employment, will not extend beyond 180 days.

    When an applicant is selected for employment and all elements of the selection process have been passed, the applicant will begin the in-house "Mini-Academy". The Mini-Academy is a six to eight-week training program that provides recruits with the necessary knowledge and skills to begin the Field Training Program. Once the recruit successfully passes the Mini Academy they will begin the 16 week Field Training Program. The recruit will be on probationary status until their one year probationary period is successfully completed.


    This test consists of a standardized obstacle course which was created and recommended by the FDLE Criminal Justice and Standards Training Commission for Police Officers. It simulates activities that may be encountered while working in this position at the Lakeland Police Department.  Applicants should wear proper clothing and shoes for the test. Test is administered on a pass/fail basis.

    The course consists of the following tasks (not necessarily in the order you may experience them). The time limit for this test is 6 minutes and 4 seconds:

    • Exit from the seated, safety-belted driver's position of a parked motor vehicle
    • With opposite hands, remove two flags fastened to a belt with Velcro, from your back
    • Utilizing the vehicles' keys, retrieve from the car trunk a flashlight to be carried during the following stages:
      - 220-yard run (twice)
      - Jump over a four (4) foot wall
      - Run through a series of cones
      - Jump over a series of three (3) hurdles
      - A low crawl under three (3) hurdles
      - Drag a 150-pound dummy for 100 feet
      - Dry fire a service pistol six (6) times with the strong hand and six (6) times with the weak hand
      - Return the flashlight to the vehicle trunk
      - Return to the safety belted driver's position of the vehicle

    A background investigation of each candidate for all positions is conducted prior to employment. The background investigation may include, but is not limited to:

    • Verification of qualifying credentials
    • A review of any criminal record
    • A review of applicants driving record
    • Fingerprint check
    • Warrants check
    • Records check
    • Verification of at least three personal references
    • A review of prior employment/military history and academy files if applicable
    • Review of social sites/internet information

    Be advised that sensitive or confidential aspects of the applicant's personal lives may be explored.


    The oral interview is an important step in the selection process. Applicants should be prepared to be challenged on topics of integrity, commitment to serving people equally and fairly, interpersonal skills, philosophy of policing, decision-making and problem solving skills and communication skills.



    The polygraph examination is used to confirm the truthfulness of information previously provided to the department. Applicants must respond truthfully to questioning. Information received during the polygraph is confidential.


    An emotional stability and psychological fitness examination of each candidate for a sworn position is conducted and assessed by a qualified professional prior to appointment to probationary status.


    The applicant will undergo a medical examination to ensure compliance with standards and to rule out the existence of any medical conditions that may preclude the applicant from performing the duties of a police officer.


    The City of Lakeland is committed to a drug-free workplace and all applicants must pass a drug screen before employment can occur.


    Reapplication, retesting, and re-evaluation of applicants not hired is permitted after six months as long as nothing in the applicants history indicates an unfitness for employment. Conditions that qualify as unfitness for employment include revelations of unacceptable drug use, criminal records, or other factors discovered during the selection process.