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Letter from Chief Building Official

The City of Lakeland Building Inspection Division is charged with two main duties to protect the community, the issuance of building permits and the registration of contractors.

The Division registers contractors who are licensed according to State Statutes prior to issuing permits to that contractor. We then monitor to insure the licensing and insurance requirements are kept up to date to insure that the public is protected by using properly licensed and insured contractors.

The issuance of building permits involves the review of plans for commercial and residential construction, conducting inspections of the projects components and systems as it is constructed. This insures that it is being built to the approved plans as well as to meet the Florida Building Code. The Building Code establishes the minimum requirements for construction addressing structural requirements, wind resistance, energy conservation, handicapped accessibility, fire safety as well as the electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems. The reviews and inspections are conducted by experienced personnel who have been approved, tested and are licensed by the State of Florida. 

We look forward to working with contractors and owners to achieve a final product that meets or exceeds minimum code requirements.

If you are satisfied with the quality of service our Division has provided, tell others, if you are not satisfied, please tell me. We readily welcome suggestions on how we can improve our webpage and services.

 Dan Gargas

Chief Building Official