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Permit Information

Residential permitting guidelines:

Contractor & Home Owner Permitting – go to "Contractor Information" (link located on left side of this screen) and use the form titled Residential Plan Requirements, which includes a list of all required information necessary for permitting for new homes and additions to existing homes.

All accessory buildings such as detached carports, garages, workshops & storage sheds require a building permit. All swimming pools (in-ground or aboveground), non-portable spas & hot tubs require a permit. These structures have zoning requirements allowing them to be built or placed in side or rear yards only, and are required to meet a certain distance (setback) from the side or rear property line. Click Here For Setback Information. Pools also have certain barrier protection requirements to help prevent drowning. Also, certain P.U.D. zoned areas could have a special setback requirement.

Historic Districts: Exterior renovations, additions, demolitions, and new construction in historic districts require approval of the Historic Preservation Board prior to submission of a building permit application. Click Here For More Information On Historic Districts

The following work DOES NOT require a permit:

This list is not all-inclusive. Certain examples are listed. Call us for additional information if necessary.

  • Painting (Painting of commercial buildings within the Lakeland Downtown Development Authority boundary and historic districts MUST have Design Review approval prior to painting.)
  • Carpeting
  • Replacing Cabinets

  • Replacing existing light fixtures, fans, or cover plates

  • Stopping of leaks
  • Clear drain stoppages, provided such repairs do not involve or require the replacement/rearrangement of valves or pipes
  • Replacing faucets

  • Replacement of any part within a single piece of equipment
  • Connection of portable equipment such as portable heating appliances, portable ventilation equipment, or a portable cooling unit
  • The following work DOES require a permit:

    Usually, any work you are contracting out to a licensed contractor requires a permit. Call us and we can verify if the contractor is licensed and registered to do the type of work under his contract and if permits are required. A permit is not required for minor (non-structural) repairs less than $750, or painting, installing new carpet or flooring. Permits are required for most building, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, roof & gas work. All storage buildings (sheds) and other accessory structures (carports, garages, workshops, etc.) require a permit.