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Verify A License

If you do not intend to do the work yourself and have been asked by someone without a contractor's license to pull the permit, you are at risk of financial harm.

Not only is it dangerous, but it's against the law.

Is it worth it?

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Public Information


A Guide to Protecting Yourself Against Unlicensed Contractors

Flood Hazard Map
Depicts areas of 100 year floodplain. This is a generalized map; for specific flood (FEMA) data regarding a given property or parcel, contact FEMA.

General Flood Information and Tips

Zoning Information
Prior to the purchase of any property, it is the buyer's responsibility to investigate the zoning of the property and verify that it can be used for the purpose for which they intend! You may contact the Community Development Department at (863)834-6011.

DBPR Brochure

DPBR-Contractors Brochure

DBPR-Electrical and Alarm System Contractors Brochure

DBPR-Pulling an Owner/Builder Permit is Risky Business!

Lakeland Electric - Residential Electric Service Guide