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Planning and Zoning Board

The Planning & Zoning Board meets every third Tuesday of the month at 8:30 a.m. in the City Commission Chambers of City Hall, 228 South Massachusetts Avenue. The Board reviews proposed changes to the City’s:
  •   Comprehensive Plan
  •   Future Land Use Map amendments
  •   Rezoning requests
  •   Conditional Use requests
  •   Changes to the Land Development Regulations

The Board is made up of seven citizens appointed by the City Commission and is assisted by the staff of the Community Development Department.

Planning & Zoning Board meetings are divided into two parts. The first part is a Public Hearing during which new cases are heard. Applicants explain their requests and public comments are received. Except for conditional use requests and requests for minor modifications to existing Planned Unit Developments, the Board normally does not make a final decision on new cases that are up for Public Hearing. The second part of the meeting is the General Meeting during which staff makes recommendations and the Board makes final decisions on cases that were presented at the previous month’s public hearing. Minor modifications to existing Planned Unit Developments are final upon action by the Board. All other requests approved by the Board are forwarded to the City Commission for final action.

Agenda Packets

 2016 Schedule of Meetings and Application Deadlines

2017 schedule of Meetings and Application Deadlines


Planning and Zoning Board Members
Burl Wilson, Chair
(07/14 - 7/17)*

Stephanie Franklin, Vice Chair
(08/14 - 08/17)
Cindy Green, Secretary
(07/15 - 07/18)
Yvonne McShay
(08/16 - 08/19)*
Larry Durrence
(07/16 - 06/19)
Al McClure
(09/16 - 03/18)
Andrew Snyder
(07/15 - 07/18)
*Final Term

Any correspondence to board members
should be sent to:
(board member)
c/o Community Development Department
228 South Massachusetts Avenue
Lakeland, Florida 33801